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About us

We’re a group of friends, brothers in arms. We served in elite units of the Polish Army and Police (JWK Lubliniec, JW GROM, BOA). Our fates have crossed many times in the past during joint missions and countless trainings. Today, after completing our service, we meet again and share with you our knowledge and experience gained in combat conditions.

Instructor D

18 years in Polish Special Forces (JWK), 2 times in Iraq, 5 in Afghanistan. Completed countless special warfare courses, including SFUCT, C-IED and Unconventional Warfare Course. In 2019 succesfully completed Sig Sauer Academy course of instruction in “Patrol Rifle Instructor” and “Semi-Automatic Pistol Instructor”.

Instructor Pl

Over 20 years in Police Special Unit – BOA (Bureau of Antiterrorist Operations). Huge experience in undercover and low-profile operations. Great CQB skills acquired during joint exercises with Special Units such as HRT and GIGN.

Instructor H

Served in Polish Special Forces (JW GROM) as a combat medic. Has a great experience gained both on a battlefield and in an emergency medical team.


Our “White Tactics” specialist 😉 Responsible for dates, “toys”, shooting ranges and whole organisation process. Passionate about downhill skiing, crossfit and windsurfing. Severely infected with combat shooting for several years…

Our students opinions

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Robert SmędraRobert Smędra
06:04 25 Mar 24
Professionally conducted classes. I have attended ABC pistol and A rifle training – soon I will be going to another B, C, T3C… I really like the approach of the trainers to the “trainees” – regardless of their age and shooting experience. Due to their military experience, they are very credible in what they say and what they teach to the trainees. Regards and see you soon – Robert
Jacek WłodarczykJacek Włodarczyk
20:35 06 Mar 24
Very nice training. Conducted by professionals. I will definitely attend more than one.
Marcin ZiemkaMarcin Ziemka
15:29 02 Mar 24
Professionally conducted training (Pistol A) We will definitely see you again in the near future 😉
Łukasz MrozekŁukasz Mrozek
09:14 12 Feb 24
I recommend that there is no better place or instructor to start your adventure with shooting
Patrykf KoziołPatrykf Kozioł
05:46 12 Feb 24
Cool and professional 😎
Agnieszka MarzenaAgnieszka Marzena
08:14 19 Jan 24
I was there, I recommend it especially to people who, like me, have never had any contact with weapons before. It was specific, just the way I like it, so I’m going to continue training.Of course, I will not become a commando, but shooting turned out to be great relaxation for me and a break from everyday intensive work.A great instructor, confident in himself and what he does.Nowadays, in which pathostreamers and TikTok “stars” with a clear intellectual dysfunction become people’s idols, it is worth looking for people to imitate who are capable of a lot, have passion and are ready to share their knowledge and experience. I highly recommend.
06:07 04 Nov 23
Very specific training, good for getting to know weapons and building a solid foundation. 150 pcs. ammunition fired in a few hours gives you the opportunity to get used to the weapon and build confidence in it. I highly recommend.
Michael KwapiszMichael Kwapisz
10:19 14 Dec 22
I enjoyed it tremendously. The instructor was brilliant. I would definitely go again.If you ever wonder if special forces come with pixelated faces, they do.

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Do I need any special permits or skills to take part in the course?
Is there any age limit?
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In what language are the courses held?
I’ll travel by plane are there any transfer options?
What is “Szkolenia GROM”?