SUBJECT: CMMS Fundamentals
GROUP SIZE: 4-5 persons
PRICE RANGE: 200-300€

Basic rifle shooting training conducted in accordance with Combat Marksmanship Course (CMMS). The aim of the classes is to make you aware of what combat shooting is and to teach you the combat shooting fundamentals. Classes are conducted by former commandos from JWK and JW GROM. No matter if you have been shooting for 10 years or since yesterday, you’ll start from the beginning. We guarantee that we’ll turn your concept of combat shooting upside down!

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For whom?

This training is intended both for people who have never held a rifle and for experienced shooters, basically for everyone interested in modern combat shooting. Everyone who wants to participate in intermediate and advanced trainings needs to complete fundamentals first. Our approach results from the fact that even obvious activities, such as loading and unloading weapons, are taught in a unique way different from other systems. For beginners it is a great opportunity to start their adventure with combat shooting. For advanced shooters it is a great chance to broaden their horizons, eliminate the bad habits and training scars.

Scope of training

– firearms safety rules
– rifle structure and principle of operation (AR-15)
– loading and unloading
– shooting stance
– pistol grip
– sights alignment
– trigger control
– breathing
– selector manipulation

Combat Marksmanship Course (CMMS)

Intensive shooting training developed by Delta Force and Navy Seals. The main purpose of the training is to master a few fundamental principles of combat shooting. Regardless of the training level, all of the techniques create an internally coherent system.

Development path

We give you a clear development perspective. We make sure that each student knows what and how to do. Choose your goal and see how you can achieve it.


During the rifle fundamentals training you’ll have access to: AR-15 rifles (Stag Tactical 15 and PAC 15), 100 5.56mm rounds, ear muffs, ballistic glasses, bungee sling and combat belt with pouches. Watch the list below, if you’re planing to take your own equipment. If you are lacking some gear, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll help if possible.

What to take?

All attendees

– Comfortable outfit adequate to the season and the forecasted weather conditions
– tactical/trekking boots
– cap
– trousers with wide belt loops (4-5cm)

Attendees with their own weapons

– semi-automatic rifle
– 100 ammo rounds
– 2-4 magazines
– combat belt
– sling
– magazine pouches


After sending the application form we’ll contact you within 48 hours to discuss all of the details. Price of this training depends on your choice:
250€ for attendees with their own equipment
350€ for attendees using our equipment
We accept PLN or EUR bank transfers.

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