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We are a pack of friends, brothers in arms. We served in the Polish Special Forces (JW GROM, JWK Lubliniec). Our fates have crossed many times during joint missions and countless trainings. Today, freshly after the duty, we are at your disposal. We know how to teach, we know how to fight, we know how to win! Combatshooting.eu is a brand of Szkolenia GROM specially intended for foreign clients.


10 deployments in Afghanistan, 21 years at JWK special unit, dozens of special operations including HRO. Certified shooting instructor, one of the best JTACs in the world. Soyers is also a laureate of the prestigous polish military award “Buzdygany”. What most important, he’s a cool guy with a great passion for teaching.


CQB specialist with huge experience gained during his service in JW GROM. Certified shooting instructor, still on duty, ready to action!


Our manager, responsible for the whole organization including dates, arms, staff, customer care etc. Passionate about skiing and windsurfing, for several years infected with combat shooting.


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